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Ah, the Best Electric Unicycle. It is similar to the self-balancing scooter but different. Both devices share many similarities, such as the fact that they are electric alternative transportation methods that have gained momentum in modern times. The unicycle, however, has been around longer than hoverboards.

Although it is not known precisely when or where the unicycle was first built, there are some clues. It is widely accepted that James Stanley, an inventor of a unique bicycle, was the one who invented the unicycle.

The unicycle has been used throughout history in theatre and movies and was also used as a staple in circuses. This made it a one-wheeled vehicle meant to be used only for entertainment purposes and not as a means of transport. 

In the 1980s, some extreme sports enthusiasts saw the unicycle in action and loved its design so much that they modified it to be off-roadable.

The unicycle evolved into an electric unicycle, gaining popularity for its unique features and robust motor. The unicycle is not as well-known as the hoverboard, but it has a long history dating back centuries.

The Best Electric Unicycle at a Glance

#1 Our Top Pick

Inmotion V10/V10F, 960Wh Battery/2000W Motor

I have chosen the InMotion V10F as the top pick because it does everything right. It has a unique, futuristic design which I really love as well as top-of-the-line features and specs. Not only that, but it is also affordable. Thus, if you are looking for the perfect electric unicycle, congratulations – you’ve found it!

Top 5 Best Electric Unicycle Full Reviews

Weight: 32 lbs | Max Load: 260 lbs | Battery Capacity: 518Wh | Range: 22 miles | Charge Time: 3.5 h | Max Speed: 21.7 mph | Motor: 1000W | Wheel Size: 16”

We spoke about novice riders, but we also talked about the more experienced riders. What about those who aren’t yet proficient enough to be called professionals but are still better than beginners? You know who you’re – this one for you, gents. The InMotion V8F features a sleek modern design and atmospheric LED lighting.

InMotion’s unicycle V8 is not only a beautiful design, but it also has a high build quality. This thing rides like silk, although it is not the most comfortable. You won’t ever be able to ride another unicycle again after it stops and starts. It is highly durable, so you can drop it, smash it, or kick the thing as many times as necessary. You won’t leave a trace.

The InMotion unicycle’s battery capacity is 518Wh. Unfortunately, this is the only option. But it could have been worse. The battery power is good. The InMotion wheel has a range of 22 miles and a maximum speed limit of 21.7 mph. It will get you wherever you need it to, so long as you stay on the road.

It is one of my favourite 16-inch wheels. It dramatically improves the stability and control of your unicycle, and the specially designed tire allows for a smooth ride.

On each side, there are three LED circles. The app allows you to adjust the colours to give your electric unicycle a personal touch. A 2W LED beam can illuminate the road ahead, making it safer for nighttime travel. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth speaker is unavailable, but there are retractable handles protected by microfiber leather.

This unicycle is my favourite. Although it is sturdy and has an excellent design, the speed and range are not as good as I would like. The fact that only one option exists for a battery is a problem, and it is still a superb vehicle and deserves more attention.


  • Durable
  • Great design
  • Very stable


  • Slow speed
  • Short range

Best Budget Electric Unicycle

Weight: 30 lbs | Max Load: 265 lbs | Battery Capacity: N/A | Range: 12.4 miles | Charge Time: 3 h | Max Speed: 9mph | Motor: 450W | Wheel Size: 14”

Let’s try something new and look at the most affordable electric unicycle. The SwagRoller is surprisingly inexpensive compared to other models, but this in no way implies that it’s not good. 

The SwagRoller is a unique style that you can either like or dislike, and it’s an enormous robot with contemporary-looking features.

This electric bicycle comes with the power of 450W and can reach the max speed of 9.9 miles/hour, that may not sound like much at first, but it’s pretty decent for the amount. 

The SwagRoller also comes with a maximum distance of 12.4 miles on a single charge which means that if you’re going around continuously, it can take up to 2 hours for the battery to go out of control.

In reality, there are two types of wheels: highly robust and filled with air. Although it isn’t a popular idea that a bike has two tires, The SwagRoller is the electric version of a unicycle. 

It can be taken wherever you like since the tires are equipped to go off-road. But, I’d choose one of the alternatives if I wanted an electric vehicle designed specifically to be used off-road or an off-road hoverboard, which is also a great choice.

There’s also a massive headlight at the centre, surrounded by two blue LED lights on the rim. So, you’ll be visible even at night. Another high-quality feature can be found in the Bluetooth speaker. It’s not the greatest, but it gets the job accomplished.

In addition, I’d recommend this electric bicycle to those on a tight budget. While its distinctive design may cause you to take some time, believe me when I say that you’ll get used to it. Overall it’s a fantastic gadget for the money.


  • Affordable
  • Great features
  • Great battery


  • Divisive design

InMotion V10F comes with a 10-inch tire that offers the rider a more comfortable and secure grip when riding a unicycle. It features oversized pedals and the highest high-grip rubber, allowing the rider to feel comfortable and control the bike.

InMotion Electric is an excellent choice for a new unicycle. InMotion Electric unicycle is designed to be used by adults, keeping in mind that most taller people have a higher height, which means that it is easy to ride. The built-in speakers on the unicycle give a fun experience for the rider.

You can play your preferred songs while riding the unicycle. It comes with an LED headlight that is bright, as well as side lights, and the sides have RGB lights that allow riders to display their night vision.

The Anti-spin button is designed to avoid unwanted spin-out, which can be dangerous and also has an unfoldable handle that you can use when you’re not planning to use it, press it back into.

Active Cooling System High-quality MOSFETs and a robust cooling system ensure that critical components will always be there to help you out.


  • Built-in Speakers.
  • LED and RGB lights for better visibility.
  • Fold up Handle


  • None



Inmotion V11 electric unicycle Inmotion V11 electric unicycle gives an easy, safe, and enjoyable ride. It’s designed for people of all ages and is ideal for their short-distance commute. It comes with a long-lasting battery that can provide an experience of up to 75 miles on one charge.

With the power of 220 watts, the unicycle can reach an optimum speed of 31mph, which is truly unique. However, it features a modal cooling system that helps keep the bike cool during hot weather and on the worst roads. It can carry 27kgs at once, so it’s not the lightest unicycle.

The premium pedals of the unicycle offer more comfort and pleasure for the rider; aside from that, the premier air spring pedal suspension helps keep the unicycle safe from speedy bumps that can cause accidents.

Its InMotion V11 has automotive quality headlights, fast-responsive brake lights, and an anti-spin motion kill switch inside the handle to ensure that people can easily ride the unicycle to prevent any accidents and have a great time riding.


  • 75 Miles in one charge.
  • 31mph speed.
  • Modal cooling system


  • Only available in black colour.
  • Bear the weight of 27kgs.

Best Unicycle For Adults


InMotion V5F is an electric unicycle that is ideal for getting to work, gym or school. It has a 14-inch self-balancing wheel that gives you an easy ride, no matter the surface. 

It’s incredibly lightweight so that you can transport it around with ease. The V5F is specially designed for novice riders, allowing new riders to master how to ride a bicycle before enjoying the whole ride safely. 

The motor’s power can propel the unicycle up to a maximum rate of 15.6 milliseconds per hour. the battery lasts for a long time, providing an adequate backup of 3.5 days and 21 miles. It also has a soft padding for the legs to make riding more comfortable.


  • Designed for beginners
  • Soft leg pads


  • Weaker motor as compared to other unicycles

Best Electric Unicycle Buyer’s Guide


All of us want electric cars to be as quick as we can. Even if we don’t require the maximum speed, it’s good to have the possibility. It is also essential to comprehend where the speed comes from. For example, you may have noticed a vast difference in the speed of these bikes and hoverboards that are the fastest.

If you look at an electric bike, you’ll notice that the manufacturer has put the motor watts on their website and gives you the speed at which the car gets too hot. Of course, you could see peaks in the short term that are significantly greater than the stated maximum speed.

Although the motor’s watts indicate the speed your bike can travel, it’s not the only thing to consider. A reliable control board is equally crucial for a battery delivering sufficient current. 

In other words, a motor of 2200W with a small battery capacity and a poor control board won’t be the same as a 2000W motor equipped with a large battery and a high-quality control board.

Like every other electric vehicle, the unicycle includes several moving parts and elements that make up each of the specifications you are presented with. But, I’m aware that some users aren’t happy with the quality of their products and have chosen to upgrade their products. 

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this, mainly if you’ve never done it before. The unicycle could be destroyed if you attempt to modify it, and your warranty will be void; however, I am going out of the topic.

Battery Pack

Let’s go back to the topic by talking about the battery. The battery is probably the most significant component of an electric unicycle; batteries are the one that helps everything else turn.

In reality, there’s no need to be complicated in this case. When you think about battery capacity, it’s always the same – the larger the battery is, the more remarkable. A larger battery can not only offer a more excellent range. 

However, it will have less voltage sag, so you can ride for longer without reducing the speed. Reducing your speed, commonly known as speed throttling, is a security measure that reduces your bike’s speed as the battery’s capacity decreases.

Some models come with more than one capacity variant; the majority provide only one. While it’s good to have choices, I would always select the one with the highest capacity.


There’s one basic fact you need to be aware of regarding the unicycle tire. The larger the wheel’s diameter, the more comfortable and solid the electric vehicle is at incredible speeds. However, there are certain advantages. The smaller the tire’s diameter is, the more agile the bike will feel. 

My opinion is that the best tire is 16-20 inches. However, I also agree with the idea that bigger is more effective. It can be viewed as follows: the smaller tire will usually lead to a faster bicycle when compared to a giant tire; it will require longer to start.

It is also possible to swap tires out. Many riders exchange street tires for knobby tires to increase grip on off-road trails. Therefore, there are benefits for both. However, as mentioned earlier, I don’t recommend changing the settings on your electric bicycle, even if it’s just changing the tires.

LED Lights

If you’re looking to take your electric unicycle out in the dark, you must note the following. The majority of unicycles feature an LED headlight as well as a rear light. Some might include additional LED lights on the side too. 

While some cars come with auto-dimming headlights, the majority do not. Most headlights have enough brightness to illuminate the entire road ahead. If you have concerns, most manufacturers will inform you of the voltage of their lamps.

If you’re not concerned about this and prefer LED lights, they may not shine in the same way; however, they’ll shine in beautiful colours. Most LED lights are on one side or the other of the wheels, and they move and blink in bright patterns. 

There’s also an alternative version where the LED lights are not placed on the wheel but the front of one side of the morning. They don’t rotate; however, they do blink in a particular pattern.

You can alter the brightness and colours of the LEDs using the app on your mobile that most electric unicycles have. You may be forced to choose the default settings if they’re similar to hoverboards. 

Some electric bikes can control the intensity of the rear light and the headlight using a mobile app. But, it’s rare, and you’ll not be able to tell it the same way as the top-of-the-line unicycles.

Learning Curve

Naturally, with a method of transportation as risky as electric unicycles, one would expect to have a long learning curve, and you’re right. The electric unicycle will be harder to master than the auto-balancing scooter. 

It would be best if you tried the unicycle in your home or outside for a few days or until it is time for you to become comfortable with it. The balance is crucial here and, in my opinion, the most critical aspect you’ll learn. The next step is to tilt your body so the unicycle will be turned.

For a newbie, isn’t it frightening to take your first steps onto an electric unicycle? It’s not surprising that there aren’t enough beginner-friendly features that hoverboards have; however that does not mean that there aren’t any. Some models will assist in balancing, and others will help you control. This is particularly true for electric bikes marketed to children.

In the end, regardless of whatever beginner-friendly functions the electric vehicle offers, it is essential to take good care of yourself, and you’re cautious. It’s straightforward to be injured when driving these machines; therefore, always wear your safety equipment. Don’t be a jerk and go at high speed from the moment you get the box. Learn to get used to the gadget and its peculiarities, then go wild. This is also true for experienced riders.

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