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The proper intake of more water is crucial to good mental and physical well-being. But, it is possible to fail to achieve the water you drink daily targets more often than you think. A water-tracking solution, such as intelligent water bottles, can benefit.

All-day distractions like working long hours or using social media can alter your drinking pattern and change your natural thirst-inducing instincts. Smart water bottles can assist you in focusing your attention back on drinking more water and monitoring your intake of fluids. If you are buying Smart Water Bottle here is our reviews. 

The importance of Water-Tracking and Hydration

Aiming to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day is vital for many body functions, from controlling the body’s temperature to absorption of nutrients. Water is a crucial element in maintaining your health, and however, it can be challenging to stick to the eight glasses of water a day guidelines. More than 75 percent of Americans don’t consume enough water, based on Medical Daily.

A lack of water consumption over the long run can hurt your physical health and toll your mental health. Thus, keeping track of the amount of water you drink each day is a good start. The goal is to avoid carbonated and sugary drinks when monitoring your drinking water intake.

If you’re using an iPhone, You can use one of many water-related apps to monitor your water intake. However, if constant notifications from apps don’t work intelligent water bottles could help fill the gap.

What is the Smart Water Bottles Function?

A smart water bottle can be connected to your smartphone and feature features such as monitoring the water level, visual reminders, and app notifications. Furthermore, most smart bottles have good insulation that helps keep the water temperature stable. 

The Bottle’s design could include a couple of sensors that are located inside the cap, on the bottom, or even on the cover. These sensors monitor the level of water and temperature and set reminders, and the information is transmitted wirelessly to your smartphone.

The life of batteries varies depending on the battery’s features and type. The majority of rechargeable lithium coin batteries will last up to six months. However, bottles with vibrating motors, LED strips, and lithium-ion batteries might require frequent charging. The most well-known smart bottles available are listed below.

HidrateSpark Pro

HidrateSpark was among the companies that first launched smart water bottles onto the market. HidrateSpark Pro is a smart water bottle. HidrateSpark PRO is a stainless-steel vacuum-insulated bottle with an LED sensor attached to the bottom. 

The sensor’s light encourages you to drink more water and monitors the level of water within the BottleBottle. The BottleBottle transmits this information with the no-cost HidrateSpark app using Bluetooth. If you cannot locate your BottleBottle, you can monitor it with the app.

REBO Bottle

REBO is a sophisticated water bottle that offers benefits beyond water reminders. It monitors the amount of water you drink each day and recommends a personalized drinking plan based on your activities. 

REBO’s REBO app also displays more than 230,000 water fountains in which it is possible to refill your bottles. The most important thing is that for each 16oz of water you drink by REBO, the company will contribute to the cleaning from one BottleBottle of plastic.


If you’ve ever wanted to test the taste of flavored water and take in the daily amount of micronutrients, this Water bottle from LifeFuels can assist you. It keeps track of your water intake and then infuses the water with nutritious flavor pods at the one-touch.

Tips for Selecting the right BottleBottle

There are a variety of smart bottles on the market, and however, they all work with the same principle. One thing to look at when selecting an intelligent bottle is the kind of liquid it can handle. For instance, it is known that the HidrateSpark Pro is not suitable for hot drinks. If you want to store cool and hot liquids, ensure that the BottleBottle is thermally well-insulated.

The benefits of smart water bottles

Making a new habit can be a daunting task; However, apps can be helpful. For instance, you could monitor new patterns using Habitify. Smart water bottles function similarly to tracking devices for fitness, and they assist you in taking intentional action by reminding you. 

Furthermore, smart water bottles include an element of gamification to their notifications, making them enjoyable and simple to follow. For instance, the HidrateSpark Pro glows when it’s time to drink.

The app tracking feature that comes with the bottles is a further reason to think about the bottles. Water tracking apps can provide you with exact statistics about the amount of water you drink, tracking how far you’ve come in time. Certain apps will also develop your hydration strategy to suit the intensity of your workout.

In addition to the advanced features of a smart bottle, you can get more water consumption. According to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, even 2 percent water loss could significantly affect how you perform. So drinking more water can aid in feeling more energized and reduce headaches, and it can also help you lose weight.

Science backs Smart Water Bottles.

Certain clinical studies have proven the efficacy of smart water bottles can be. In addition to being a habit-forming device, smart bottles also have great utility in the medical. Particularly for patients suffering from kidney stones. 

A study from 2017 released in Urolithiasis discovered that those who consumed water from HidrateSpark bottles HidrateSpark Bottle had a 0.5 Liter higher fluid intake than other people.

The difficulty of remembering to drink more fluids was the biggest obstacle to maintaining proper drinking. About 60 percent of participants didn’t drink enough water due to this reason. The usage of an intelligent water bottle affected the intake of fluids by those who participated, making it easier to keep track of drinking more water.

Do you need to switch to Smart Water Bottles?

The smart water bottle could be a different technology that you need to keep charged and maintained for many of us. But, an integrated feedback loop like a smart water bottle can allow you to feel the benefits of drinking water properly.

Together with the proprietary apps, including LED notifications and water level monitoring, It uses all the available data points to remind you to take regularly throughout your day. It’s also harder not to remember when there’s a bottle that flashes at the desk that reminds you to drink more water. A smart water bottle is certainly more expensive than regular bottles; however, its value, design, and construction could be worth the investment.


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