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Hoverboards are one of the coolest of the latest inventions. They are fun to ride and an excellent way to leave people amazed. Letting them deteriorate until you’ve utilized them to the max is not a good idea. Here are some tips to ensure your vehicle is new for years to come!

1. Clean the Wheels Regularly

The wheels are the foundation of your hoverboard, with the motors encased inside the wheels. Therefore, you should check the wheels frequently to determine whether any dirt or debris gets stuck on the reels.

If it is, you should remove it by using a toothbrush or tool that can get to the middle (not any sharp object). It is essential to keep the debris clear of the wheels, as they can damage the motors and the sensors. This can eventually result in losing control over the board!

Also, check that the tires are facing the same direction as the wheel Shaft. Ensure every component inside the tires is fastened; if not, take the screwdriver and set it properly before you start!

2. Don’t Let It Sit Dead

It is more beneficial to properly take care of the self balancing scooter before purchasing new components. Before you go off your ride, ensure your scooter is fully charged. In case it’s not, it may damage the battery’s health.

You can make the most of the speed, range, and power with a fully charged battery. It takes only an hour or two to set the hoverboard fully. Therefore, it’s best not to delay the charge. Also, ensure that the battery doesn’t go completely out of battery.

It is also important to maintain the battery’s cleanliness, so whenever it is fully charged, remove the plug and pull the battery pack open to inspect for any burns, damages, or dirt. Then, clean the battery using a dry cloth before plugging it back in!

3. Check the Wiring

It is a structure made of mechanical and is sure to wear and tear with the course of use. So, ensure you make time from your busy monthly schedule to examine its wiring.

You need to disconnect the board, unplug it, and ensure the wiring is tidy and tight. If not, you need to tighten the wiring. And If you find any other issues, you should seek a professional mechanic or contact support to correct the problems!

4. Keep the Board Clean

Use a soft, damp cloth and wipe your hoverboard with attention. It is essential to wash it regularly to keep its appearance and keep the shell in good condition. Make sure you disconnect the board from the socket to prevent electric shocks.

5. Let It Cool Down!

Hoverboards get pretty hot quickly when frequently used, much like smartphones. So, after a long cruise, let the battery of your hoverboard cool and rest before plugging the charger into it or filling it again.

6. Ensure That Pedals Work Fine

Sometimes, you may feel your board tends to shake, or it isn’t really at ease with your foot. It could be because the pedals have lost their grip. Therefore, as soon as possible, take a look and fix them if they’re loose. Additionally, they shouldn’t be too tight for steering the board, so test drives the board until you’re certain the pedals and brakes are functioning properly.

7. Expert Care

There is no way to be an expert in working with mechanical tools, a much less fully-fledged hoverboard. In this case, just like the car you drive, it’s recommended to take your hoverboard to be serviced at certain intervals. This will make sure there is no wear or tear on the mechanisms of your hoverboards will be repaired and protected.

8. Store it Well

If you’re going for a study or vacation tour where you cannot carry your hoverboard or won’t use it for an extended time and want to store it properly, do so. Place your hoverboard in a garage or shed that is well-ventilated and dry to keep the battery and the motherboard from being soaked by moisture.

9. Do not try extreme terrains.

Certain off road hoverboards are safe for use on grassy terrains or when riding uphill; however, it doesn’t mean you should go out on these hoverboards or use them in the woods. If you do, the tires and platform will eventually wear out, leaving you with an old hoverboard that used to be fine for a while.

Here you go! Here are the best tips to keep your hoverboard looking as good as new for the long haul!

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