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Original hoverboards are a must-have toy for kids and an enjoyable leisure activity for adults. Hoverboard riders may be curious about the history of hoverboards and how they became so popular in 21st-century life. Please continue reading to know more about this popular form of personal transport and its origins.

What is the Original Hoverboard?

Experts largely attribute the film Back to the Future 2 to having introduced the idea of a hoverboard to the public consciousness. However, modern hoverboards can be traced back only to one individual.

Who was the first self-balancing scooter?

The U.S. Patent System Is Broken, Says The Inventor Of The Hoverboard
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Shane Chen, a Chinese American, is the one who invented the hoverboard (or self-balancing scooter). Here are some facts about this larger-than-life figure.


Shane Chen, a worker at Hovertrax, invented the first self-balancing scooterThe prototype, nicknamed “the purple board,” was renamed several times before it was finalized. RazorUSA purchased Hovertrax and continues to make boards today.

Chen was born in China.

Shane Chen was a Chinese citizen. He grew up in Beijing. In the 1980s, He immigrated to the United States. There, he used his degree in agricultural meteorology for several practical purposes at various companies.

There were many inventions before the hoverboard.

Shane Chen, the hoverboard inventor, was busy inventing new forms of personal transportation over the years. He created the AquaSkipper, which was a three-wheeled watercraft. This invention and its dependence on gyroscopic control (one of the critical components of hoverboards working) led to the hoverboard design that we love today.

The original hoverboard was designed for indoor use.

Shane Chen initially intended that his hoverboard would be used primarily indoors. However, it wasn’t long before he realized his invention was unsuitable for indoor use due to limited space.

He realized that larger wheels were necessary to enable him to ride on different types of terrain. Here are some things to remember if you want to learn how to make your hoverboard. As they say, the rest is history.

He made no money from hoverboards.

Shane Chen, the hoverboard inventor, insists that he has not made much money from his invention. Although he patents his original design, thousands have modified it to make their hoverboard models. Chen is not the beneficiary of any of these profits.

“I went to some knockoff factories. They thanked me for inventing it and gave me their appreciation. He said they are aware they have infringed my Patent, but also know there is nothing they can do.”

FAQ: What is the Original Hoverboard?

What’s the origin of the hoverboard?

The original hoverboard was shown in the science-fiction film Back to the Future 2. Shane Chen, however, invented modern hoverboards.

Who is the inventor of the modern hoverboard

Shane Chen, a Chinese-American, created the prototype of the modern hoverboard in 2013.

Is there any safety equipment I should use to ride a hoverboard safely?

Absolutely. You should take great care to use the best safety precautions. This will reduce the risk of injury. This will reduce the risk of injury.


In 2013, Shane Chen created the first hoverboard prototype.








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