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The popularity of hoverboards has decreased in the past couple of years, however, were it not for one person who was the first to cross the Atlantic, it might not have ever been invented. However, the technology is in constant development, and the first person to traverse the Atlantic with the back of a hoverboard is likely to be Charles Lindbergh from his time.

Who invented the hoverboard?

Shane Chen is acknowledged for creating the first-ever working hoverboard together with Hovertrax.

Chen’s roots are in China, which is where he was born. He spent his childhood in Beijing and then emigrated to China to the US in the early 1980s. While living in China, Chen gained a master’s degree in agricultural meteorology, which eventually led to his first business in the United States.

In the United States upon arriving within America, US, Chen created his first company. It was called CID, Inc. and was designed to develop different agricultural and plant research tools.

Now, 21 years later, Chen was working on inventing products that would benefit consumers. Inventist, Inc. was Chen’s next venture, and the AquaSkipper boat was the first big venture.

The hoverboard takes form. The watercraft made it possible for Chen and led to developing a 3-wheeled motorbike which became licensed by RazorUSA.

Before advancing his hoverboard idea, Chen took a break to develop the Solowheel. It’s an auto-balancing electronic bicycle that uses numerous gyroscopic sensors to balance correctly.

Then, Chen got the idea for a hoverboard. However, his initial statement did not be an immediate success. The first concept was indoor hoverboard use. However, the problem came up when he realized that it was too narrow to transport outside.

Hovertrax Hoverboard Prototype

The prototype was dubbed the Purple Board’. Even though it didn’t work, it opened the way to the hoverboard of today instead of putting the wheels underneath the feet of the rider. Chen decided to position them on the side part of the ride.

This change will enable users to be able to ride inside and also outdoors without any issues. The Hovertrax came to be created, and the first “hoverboard” was made accessible to the public in 2013.

The year 2014 was when Chen received the Patent for Hovertrax and gave Inventist the rights to design the specific kind of hoverboard. Since then, there have been several imitations of the design that Chen and his business continue to fight today.

Hoverboard Recalls and Safety

These imitations are primarily produced in China and caused an entire recall in 2015. People seeking to save dollars bought the cheaper products only to find that they could catch fire.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission became involved and issued recalls of many products following their discovery to be hazardous. Since then, several retailers have added restrictions to their rules and have stated that no hoverboards may be sold within the recall.

The Hovertrax was created and is on sale, and Chen continues to make progress. The latest product from his company is the IOTAtrax, which is a single-wheeled movable. The IOTAtrax can travel at up to 10 mph and work regardless of whether you’re indoors or outdoor.

It’s sure to find out what direction Chen will go from here, and his gaze is focused on the sky. Although it’s unlikely we’ll get a real hoverboard (like the one featured in Back to the Future), It is likely that Shane Chen could be the person behind this whole concept.


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