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Since mountain biking became popular and became popular, riders have come up with new methods to get the bikes there. The most efficient way to reach the trailhead is to bike around with your bike; however, we can’t always live just a few steps away from the trail.

We have to find a way to bring our bikes in or onto our vehicles safely and safely, remove them and then ride for a while and repeat the whole process to arrive home. If you’ve equipped with a truck, it’s simple. You need to put your bike on the back and ensure that you’re wearing the appropriate helmet and you’re good to go.

For most users, it’s just not so easy to carry our bikes. Adding a hitch-mounted bicycle rack will make the process and feel more comfortable traveling down the highway with your high-end carbon mountain bike attached to your car.

Which are your possibilities?

Three major bike racks are available: hitch bike racks, roof racks, and strap-on racks. Each one has its pros and cons that we’ll discuss here; however, the bottom line is that hitch racks are the safest and user-friendly, and most secure option.

Roof racks are mounted directly on the crossbars of your vehicle’s roof racks. This means that your bike will be placed on top of the car as you drive. It comes with significant obstacles. You’ll need to get your bike in the car at least twice each time you go for a ride. This isn’t feasible for shorter and tall people; it’s difficult to lift a bike that weighs 35 pounds above your head and not scratch the paint of your car.

Hitch racks are secured and can be safely tucked in behind the vehicle. (Evo)

When your bike is safely up on the roof, it will face a different set of dangers. Strong crosswinds can entrap your cycle, causing it to slide around the top. If you travel through bugs, you’ll be able to see the entire front end of your bicycle sprayed with bugs when you reach the trailhead.

Also, it would help if you were mindful that you have a whole bike sitting on top of your vehicle. It’s impossible to see it from any of your mirrors or windows; however, it’s there, and it will be a problem when you enter an opening that isn’t tall enough, such as an eatery drive-through or even your garage. Rooftop racks can be helpful, but they aren’t always easy to use and could be hazardous to your bicycle and your car.

Strap-on racks are the most expensive and undependable method to transport your bicycle. The name implies that the rack is strapped onto the rear of your vehicle, and your bike is strapped onto it. They tend to scratch your vehicle’s paint, and it isn’t easy to take multiple bikes with the bikes hitting one another and the car.

They’re also not very secure, and they’re secured. Many people purchase strap-on racks since they appear cheap and straightforward to use and spend far more for damages to their vehicles or bicycles.

What is the reason why Hitch Racks is better than Hitch Racks?

All of this brings us to bicycle racks that hitch. Racks for hitches are mounted to your trailer’s Hitch receiver underneath the bumper. They also have tray racks to store your bikes.

They also fold down and are out of the way even when you don’t put bikes on the rack. Their location alone is what makes them superior to the roof rack. You need to raise the bike about at least a foot away from the ground and not lift it over your head. Once it’s mounted on the vehicle, it’s secured.

You’ll be able to ride through as many arches as you like, and you won’t perish with your bike. Most hitch racks go to the rear, beyond bikes, so if they are rear-ended, the car that is behind you will be able to hit the rack, not your bike.

Hitch racks are the best option to keep your bike performing well. (Evo)

Additionally, Hitch racks are far safer than strap-on racks. They bolt directly to the receiver, which is then bolted onto your vehicle’s frame. There are no straps that can be frayed or loosened, and there’s no rubbing.

The majority of hitch racks come with unique straps and arms so that they can only contact the wheels of the bike and keep bikes separate so that there is no friction.

The reasons why it’s worth it to put in a trailer hitch

If hitch racks are much safer, secure, and more user-friendly than other options, why do roof racks and strap-on racks exist? Some cars do not come with a hitch receiver, and without a hitch, it’s impossible to attach a track to a hitch. Instead, they have to live using less expensive alternatives.

They aren’t aware that putting the trailer hitch kit onto all automobiles is straightforward. Standard kits are sold at auto parts stores and on the internet that allows you to connect a trailer hitch to nearly every frame. You need to look up the make and model of your vehicle, and you’ll be able to find a solution suitable for your vehicle. You can also visit a local shop.

Don’t put up with shoddy bike transport solutions. Install a hitch to your vehicle and then pull out racks with a rack with a hitch. Your back and bike will be thankful.


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